19 Tips to be Windows 7 Power User

If you haven’t got the talent to unveiled the hidden tricks of your 6-month plus old operating system –the Windows 7, then you might want to check out this list of tips you need to know to turn your OS experience on tune along with the productivity of a power user.

This was an really great post from Gizmodo.au, talking about the 19 tips you should know if you’re a Windows 7 user. Some of the really exciting commands I really appreciate as a Win7 user is as follows.

Keyboard Controls:
1. Windows + T (works like alt-tab, but runs through the preview)
2. Alt + P (File Preview)
3. Windows + Up and Windows + Down (Minimize and Maximize active windows)
1. Put an OS in Your Pocket (Back-up of the OS in your thumbdrive)
2. Reveal All of Your Drives (Shows all your drives)
3. Become More Wordly with Hidden Wallpapers (Shows other regions scenaries/wallpapers hidden on the system)
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