Xbox Project Natal to unveil on June 13th at E3 2010

Xbox Project Natal to unveil on June 13th at E3 2010
Microsoft announced that the Project Natal motion gaming system for Xbox 360 will premiere on upcoming E3 dated June 13th 2010. Looking back at E3 2009 where the system gets demonstrated pumps enthusiasts more excitements so basically after a year we can expect major details to come up like the pricing and availability. So if you will be curious enough head on the break to see what is Natal’s differences between the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation Move?
Accordingly, Project Natal mainly differs from Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move systems that it requires no controller to be held, the Natal system uses microphones, depth sensors, RGB camera and custom processor to track the movement in 3D space. 
In addition, there could be new design of new Xbox 360 motherboard timed to come out with the Natal’s release as leaked recently, suggesting a slim-version of the console.
Apparently to end this, we hope that Microsoft will be able to tack the release due later this year probably aimed for Holiday shopping season. 

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