Sony introduced PlayStation Move the next generation of motion gaming

Sony PlayStation Move

GDC 2010, Sony has officially introduced the PlayStation Move motion controller hyped as the “next generation of motion gaming” as it boasts latency precision same as the DualShock 3. Hit on the continue link for more details and video.

PlayStation Move will work as same idea the Wii and Xbox Project Natal that’s why it is expected with camera to track the controller. Watch the demo video below and you’ll have the idea how Sony’s motion controller works. Basically there is a sub-controller (act as joystick) to go with a wireless tap with the main controller. Some RPG games and Move Party (which uses the camera to do augmented reality gaming and video chat) are demoed. At the event, Engadget got the feel of the new PlayStation Move –“The demos are pretty impressive — Sony’s not kidding when it says the Move is incredibly precise.” 

PlayStation Move will be available bundled with a PS3, standalone, and in a starter kit targeted at “under $100” with the PS Eye, a controller, and a game. In addition, EU PlayStation blog tells that some games will also come bundled with Move. 

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