Panasonic 3D TVs up to 50 percent discount on BestBuy

Panasonic 3D TVs

Some companies have a strong early come back from the economic slump suffered last year. And this was eyed by the Japanese electronics giant Panasonic who was one of the badly affected in the electronics industry. The company was set to partner up with America’s leading electronics retailer Best Buy to promote Panasonic 3D TVs and offers close to 50% discount prices for those models.

The Panasonic push for 3D TVs is I guess not only to drive adoption of this new technology but to break the tough competition from makers like Sony and Samsung. Sony announced already that they will be featuring their 3D-capable Bravias at Sony Style Stores to open consumer’s awareness of this technology. Meanwhile, Samsung 3D TVs are already available in US along, the company already kicked off its launched in South Korea that is due globally later this month.

Know how 3D works, then I know you might be interested in buying this discounted offerings. Anyways, I know with up to 50 percent discount things will be hard to ignore, then you might want to check BestBuy retails stores this coming Wednesday.

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