Palm webOS 1.4 update with video capture and more

Palm webOS 1.4

Even Palm has not reached gain on the sales chart versus other competitions it looks like the company has proven that they’re dead serious to have some attentions –and yeah we’re talking about webOS. The company promised an update on webOS during its CES keynote, and now they released webOS 1.4 to focus on Pre and Pixi’s video recording giving an iPhone-style interface for capturing and editing videos. Hit on the continue link for notable update details and video.

Here are the notable updates on webOS 1.4:

1. Flash 10.1 support both games and video
2. Improved notification system allowing LED pulse even phone is asleep
3. Allow sorting of e-mails
4. Improved integration on calling and messaging
5. iPhone-style video captured and editing

Users can share their video through usual MMS, YouTube, Facebook and email. The update is available as of today for Sprint, European O2 and Movistar as well as Verizon which has been delayed and not included on early news.

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