Nintendo 3DS boasts 3D with no-glasses needed, accelerometer and force-feedback coming soon

Nintendo DSi XL BronzeDear Nintendo, it seems that you already got a tweak on your product strategy regarding the DS who has dropped revenues lately and probably threatens by the massive popularity of Apple products on the handheld gaming platform ranging from the iPods, iPhones and soon-must-see –the iPad. In a report by Nikkei newspaper, the upcoming Nintendo 3DS will have same dual-screen not larger than DSi XL utilizing 3D-effect without glasses together with force-feedback and accelerometer to further enhance the feel of the game –somehow like to be 4D.

Nintendo shared some details about the 3DS but said the full details would go on coming June’s E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles.

In a report by PCWorld “the main feature of the 3DS will be its ability to project a 3D image to users without requiring them to wear special glasses. Nintendo didn’t disclose how this would be done but it will most likely be with a screen that has a thin sheet of lenses in front of the main display panel. Such screens, already in use on at least on model of cell phone in Japan, focus a 3D image to a particular point in space and the user can see a 3D image if they are viewing from that point.” And added “It will also have a 3D joystick and force feedback, and Nintendo is considering including an accelerometer so that the device will react to tilting, the report said. It will also offer improvements in wireless networking speed and battery life.”
The Kyoto-based company said that the launch will be sometime before the end of March 2011, but Nikkei report suggested a mid-year launch for the device. 

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