Microsoft MIX10: All you need to know

Microsoft MIX10: Next Web Now is a 3 day conference for web designers and developers building the world’s most innovative web sites from today, March 15-17 at Las Vegas. The event premiers notable announcements on Windows Phone 7 alongside with new applications and handsets that will run the new OS. Meanwhile I will not do much of the talking now and will keep my mouth or finger shut as we held on Engadget coverage at the event. Hit on the continue link for the span of major reports happening at MIX10.

Here are the reports from Engadget (top is the most recent):

This reports are scattered all over the web, so I have decided to make it comfortable for you to browse in. Anyways, feel free to comment on what you think. Microsoft had just nailed an ice breaker with Apple’s iPad pre-order mania. Don’t you think so?

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