Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 boasts HTML5, CSS3 with no XP support, dares upgrade

Microsoft IE9
At Microsoft MIX10, the monopoly-like famous Internet Explorer on its ninth version is previewed. The new Microsoft browser supports more dynamic mark-up language HTML5 that are known to expertly handle video embedding, geo-location and much dynamic web pages. IE9 is somehow like an owning statement bridging the gap between functionalities against rival Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

As other browser’s emerging popularity slowly taking audiences, developers and internet users that originally owned by Explorer, Microsoft has to take bold move to act seriously in this matter. With IE9 the company’s statement that it takes the browser war seriously. Microsoft seems to battle with intentions of making IE9 compliant to web standards and CSS/CSS3 compatible. Seemingly Microsoft is considering IE’s developers issues with CSS, for example the rounded corners.
However, with every bold step there could be hindrances along the way, at this time Microsoft’s own sacrifice is to take out IE9 support to Windows XP. Although we know, most of its IE users are coming from the IE bundled with its operating system. Knowing the impact of XP users could be millions or so. Anyways, business wise this a smart move for Microsoft –a win-win –as it dares it users to upgrade to Windows 7 plus moving IE9 to a greater level of compliance and advancement.
Conclusion, this was really a great move for Microsoft to win back developers and net users but could be risk since netbook-friendly XP are into consideration. Anyways, XP is slowly deteriorating I guess it’s time to upgrade (seemingly MS intentions). Most important, after all is IE9 advancements to dive serious battle from its competitions.
You can test-drive IE9 just go here. Then tell us how you feel, yes at the comment form below.

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