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Doteasy web hosting

Trying to find the right web hosting provider to host your website could definitely be frustrating sometimes. One of the most common reasons why a web hosting company fails is not being reliable enough for their customers. Reliability is really important in a web hosting provider since nobody wants their website to get a lot of downtimes. And this issue is mostly encountered in free hosting packages offered by many comapanies.

Doteasy is one of the most reliable hosting companies that provide free hosting. They also provide domain name registration services since 2000. What’s great about their free web hosting plan compared to what you may get with other web hosts is that it has a lot great features. Aside from the free web site builder you get such as for creating blog, forum, shopping cart and other great web tools, they also guarantee 99.9% uptime for your website. And they are also one of the few free web hosts that implements no annoying ads on your free hosting account.

And with their continued dedication to make their customers happy, they now have a promo that for any domain registration of .com, .net, and .org, the fee is only $7.95. That’s a really great deal compared to what other domain name registrars charge. And by registering a domain name with them, you already great a free hosting account packed with free web tools and application to let you create your website easily.

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