LG pushes 3D-loving LX9900 LED TV in stores on May

LG pushes 3D-loving LX9900 LED TV in stores on May
Tablet computers are endangering netbook existence along side with paper publishing with its strong appeal for digital media distribution at the early start of this year. Mainly this also happens to CDs, tapes, and DVDs which slowly pawned by online distributions. Amidst all, we welcome new technologies as a greater pursuit to improve our lives. And as we speak 3D TVs are ready to party with the emerging advance technology intended to bring a theatre-like 3D-experience at the comfort of your home. Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and LG are intimately pushing this new breed of HDTVs for the past few months now.

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In UK, LG is flashy pushing their 3D TV and in this coming May LG will release it in store near you. The LX9900 LED TV alongside with BX580 Blu-Ray Disc player will make the cut to make your weekend home movie treat really exciting. The LED TV will be available in 47-inch and 55-inch models, and utilize active shutter glasses for the 3D technology. LX9900 will also boast TruMotion 400Khz, 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, Bluetooth, DLNA, wireless AV link. You may also want to check out the list of the top 40 Blu-rays you must have to utilize LG’s Blu-Ray Disc player that expected for same day release. 

Sony has started showing of their 3D-capable Bravias at their Sony style stores. Samsung is reported to have start sales of its 3D TV on US and Korea with plans of global release this month. Accordingly, making the final push is Panasonic who has been digging from the economic lost last year hopes to win budget conscious consumers by tying with BestBuy to offer its discounted 3D TVs way up to 50%.
Unofficial pricing reveals £2500 – £3000 for the 47-inch variation, and £3600 – £4000 for the 55-incher that is ultimately not so cheap then better ready to skip some meals to start saving. 

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