iPhone’s Street Fighter IV hits the App Store

Street Fighter IV iPhone App
We don’t want to spoiled your HP Slate and iPad confusions, but this time the battle heads on back to iPhone platform as Capcom unleashed its all-time arcade favorite Street Figther IV app onto the massive Apple App Store. This is sure to fire up competitions on the upcoming Game Developer’s Conference at San Francisco this week.
Going ahead first is another old-time arcade game rival with Namco announcing that the iconic Tekken will also hit the App Store soon as confirmation that the Tekken app is now on its final stages of development. Next I’m sure there will be lot on GDCs premiers.

Meanwhile, the Street Fighter IV will cost you $9.99 available on the App Store now. The game features 8 of the 19 original characters from its console version. Players will also have a chance to practice their new moves with the addition of new “Dojo” mode. Multiplayer is also allowed via Bluetooth.

Today the iPhone has not just a smartphone but it moves up to become an exclusive gaming device that why we see relevant Game Companies investing in developing new games or remake versions of their titles to adopt iPhone platform. Mostly, we tend to love seeing more game app for iPhone but we want something much bigger like games compatible with iPad.

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