HTC counters Apple, says they have lots of patent too

HTC counters Apple, says they have lots of patent too

Last Tuesday Apple filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the U.S. against HTC covering 20 Apple patents relating to iPhone user interface, underlying architecture and hardware. The accusation immediately holds down HTC stocks by 2 percent, or NT$6.5, to close at NT$323.5 (US$10.10) on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Today the Taiwanese smartphone maker defended saying it develops its own technology.

According to ComputerWorld report, ” The Taiwanese company, the world’s largest maker of smartphones that use Google’s Android mobile operating system, including the Nexus One, has been building mobile devices including smartphones for 13 years, “and so HTC is not only a mobile technology innovator, [we] also hold a large number of patents,” the company said in a filing to the Taiwan Stock Exchange.” Part of the suit is HTC’s smartphones that uses Android and Windows Phone OS.

Conclusion, it seems these are common scenarios for smartphone manufacturer lately. We’ve seen Apple filed suit against Nokia and in return Nokia sued Apple. I believe this was “sometimes for legitimate claims and sometimes as a ploy to harm a rival’s business”. But I have a weird feeling that this was a direct assault to Google Nexus One, don’t you think so? Feel free to drop some comments.

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