HP Slate boast Adobe AIR and Flash support hits iPad drawbacks

HP Slate
Apple’s iPad has been greedily taking attentions for the past few months now starting early this year and throughout some major events like the Grammy and Oscars. But don’t you get too much excited on iPad’s April 3rd release because you might be surprised by HP slate –a collaboration of HP, Adobe and Microsoft –yes it is set to hit the market soon. You better watch the videos after the break to see what we’re talking about, don’t you just stare –hit it.

We can’t deny the marketing power of Apple, on how they tickle each page on the web to talk about its products. But if we will be considering the functionality of HP Slate suggested on the videos, then this might take some part of attention iPad was enjoying right now.

Although it seems that right now if you will think of it, iPad has become the yardstick for tablet computers. Comparing HP Slate and iPad seems to negate the anticipation for HP’s tablet but rather brings glow to Apple’s newest creation. Accordingly, this was almost same idea suggested in a post by SlashGear.

Once You Know, You NeweggIn conclusion, HP Slate is a serious contender for iPad suggesting the device’s boost of Adobe AIR and Flash support giving an edge to 75% of videos we see on the internet and Alexa’s top 100 sites uses Flash. Apple’s iPad has framed it stand on the tablet division, which makes it seemingly impressive.

Here is the videos of HP Slate and the latest commercial of Apple iPad to give you a visual idea on how you would stand even if you will buy one or not. In addition, some more serious competition are yet to come not to mention Sony’s prepping for its own kind of tablet and PlayStation phone.

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