Google, Sony and Intel teamed to develop Google TV

Google TV
There’s no stopping now as search giant Google takes another boundaries this time at the place of your home where families usually spent time together –watching movies or browsing the net. You’re not mistaken, “browsing the neton your TV although it seems this are already existing technology named with Roku, Boxee Box, Popbox and other popular gaming consoles that lets you search the net even you’re on a TV platform. Powered by Android, Google teamed up with Sony and Intel to develop –the Google TV.

We can expect Google TV to access web contents like videos from Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand and other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Knowing the advertising and marketing opportunities ties with the new platform, Google TV could bring another major source of profit with the possible audience it might have. 
Running Android, expected that this is an open source, while if Sony will be manufacturing the hardware including set-top boxes and TVs (Bravias I guess) we can assure top-of-line components. Meanwhile, Logitech is reportedly developing the Google TV’s remote control accessories mounted by small QWERTY keyboard.
Google TV project is claimed to have started few months already apparently with no official statement from the internet giant we could take this with the grain of salt. 

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