Foxconn Electronics denies delayed iPad production

Apple iPad

According to Digitimes report, Foxconn Electronics answers back to clarify that they will be able to ship 600,000-700,000 iPads in March alone and one million units by April. This was a statement to clear rumors that Apple iPad will only have US market debut because of Foxconn’s delayed production.

So if this will go on schedule you can have your iPad by the end of this month rumored to be on the 26th. In addition, PCWorld cited some analyst predictions about iPad throughout 2010 with “RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky forecast first-year sales of 5 million units, while Needham & Company analyst Charlie Wolf is forecasting 4 million.”

Meanwhile we still have to wait few weeks from now for possible Apple rolling out pre-order for iPad. Many thinks that iPad will lives on once to be Apple’s failure, let just wait if this device will screw up or camp-out people on its release.

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