Apple’s routine audit reveals underage workers that may have made your iPod

You might not believe me at all? But according to a routine audit of Apple’s contractors across the world has found three facilities that employed underage workers and a dozen of other violations of its own company policies.

The audit discovered 11 employees that were hired by its overseas partners were underage under their respective country’s legal working age. Apple said some of the workers we as young as 15. At this age, I may think that this required a special talent or a totally geek hacker/developer to be hired. This underage employees may have worked on Apple’s important products like the iPod. Apparently, some of those workers are now old enough to work legally and were no longer on the company when the audit was conducted.

Since 2006 Apple has been implementing this type of audit creating a global transparency of its business. This is to “make sure they comply with Apple’s strict standards,” said Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling. Apple reported 17 more violations of its policies besides from the underage employment. The audit discovered cases of involuntary labor, falsification of documents, threats to worker safety, intimidation, and even abuse. Apple’s 102 facilities and over 100,000 employees are involved in the audit and those facilities found to have core violations are subject to re-audit and further examinations.

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