Apple officially now offering full-price iPhones contract free –depicts 4G is coming

There has been an intriguing rumor that Apple is selling unlocked iPhones. Unfortunately that is not the true story, from the Apple blog 9to5Mac reportit heard Apple stores would start selling iPhones at their full price, meaning without carrier subsidy. The iPhone 3GS is listed at $499 for the 8GB model, $599 for 16GB, and $699 for 32GB.” –accordingly this was interpreted as Apple will sell unlocked iPhones

Apple will only sell contract-free and full-price iPhones without need to sign contract but the handset is still locked to the carrier.

Conclusion, it was exactly a year now when the iPhone 3G goes in this sales cycle, probably we can picture out that the next generation of iPhone is on its near announcement. The new device could possibly aim for the company’s normal mid-year release–the iPhone 4G.

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