Annoying advertisements of Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G on Digg

Annoying advertisements of Sprint's HTC EVO 4G on Digg
Dear Sprint, again we already aware that you have announced the first U.S. 4G phone dubbed as HTC EVO 4G, and we also know that you lost millions lately and that’s why even if it is too early to reveal the 4G phone you summon it. But common’ you messed up our reading habit by populating our known websites by your redundant ads suggesting only one thing –the EVO. We want to let this pass away but five full same banner ads on Digg page is quiet annoying.

I don’t know if someone have noticed this lately but sure you can refer to the image which I captured, I zoomed out the page to view the five banner advertisements. Let me know how do feel about this? Digg it.

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