Top 5 Peoples shaping the way we look internet and technology

Michael Arrington

No. 1. Michael Arrington
Michael Arrington is one of the most powerful people in Silicon Valley. He is the founder and editor of TechCrunch, a known influential technology weblog. Last year he announced the CrunchPad (like an iPad) but unfortunately didn’t make it due to partner’s conflict.

Pete CashmoreNo. 2. Pete Cashmore
Pete Cashmore is one of the Tech Media icons. He was a gifted working as a Web tech consultant when he was teenager and founded the known tech-site when he was just 19. He is also one of the pillar and expert of social media approach.

Evan Williams & Biz StoneNo. 3. Evan Williams & Biz Stone
Twitter today has become the yardstick of how popular a people or anything based on its followers. This social media micro-blogging website was founded by Evan Williams and Isaac “Biz” Stone. Meanwhile I didn’t know why I consider them as one person, but Twitter made me decide.

Kevin RoseNo. 4. Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose founded social bookmarking Digg, which has been the repository of the hottest news and stories. Where up to 35 million visitors monthly has been sharing and digging votes that’s why it has been the center for tech community’s buzz and biz. He is also known for Revision3(show he hosted and produced) and Diggnation (video podcast).

Jason CalacanisNo. 5. Jason Calacanis
Jason Calacanis is the cofounder of Weblogs Inc. who’s the creator of sites like Engadget, in 2005 AOL bought the company for $25 million reportedly. He is now runs a human-moderated search engine,

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