Sony Style stores will let you experience Bravia 3D TVs

Bravia 3D TVs

As we already learned the idea behind 3D effects from our previous article. Now we are lucky enough that we will be experiencing it on actual as Sony announced that it will be showcasing its new line of 3D-capable Bravia HDTVs on its Sony Style stores.

“Our Sony Style stores are often used as a test ground for new products and technology before they become available through our authorized retail network. Being able to demonstrate a new technology like 3D allows us to gain valuable insight into consumer reaction which we share with our engineers,” said Linda Turner, the senior VP in charge of Sony’s retail chain.

Sony Style stores will let you enjoy 3D viewing with their latest models of 3D TVs like LX900, HX900, and NX800. The company has already pioneered products to support new 3D architecture with its Blu-ray discs and PlayStation 3 but its quest to bring the new technology to home media is another way around by bringing in the 3D Bravias.

I suggest that you read How 3D Works, so you have the idea of this new technology.

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