SanDisk 60GB / 120GB G3 SSD headed to North America and Europe

SanDisk 60GB / 120GB G3 SSD

SanDisk has just announced that it would be bringing its 60GB and 120GB G3 solid state drives to both North American and European retailers. So don’t you get excited cause this will be on as we speak.

SanDisk G3 SSDs promises 220MB/sec Read and 120MB/sec Write while supporting the newest Windows 7 TRIM feature. The Win7 TRIM enables the drive to “continuously manage its resources and retain optimized performance throughout its lifespan.”

Those who are looking for upgrades or for those needed to buy a new SSD then you might want to grab one $229.99 (60GB) / $399.99 (120GB) on the web.

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