Pentax OPTIO W90 rugged digital camera built for adventure

Pentax OPTIO W90

Since Sony unveiled their all-proof and word thinnest DSC-TX5 and Panasonic with its own LUMIX TS2 seemingly manufacturers are trending with really rugged cameras, like we got here –the Pentax W90. It is a successor of the popular W80 by this time it got new strap, LEDS around the lens for close illumination with proofing of 6m water deep and can be drop 1.2m high.

The new Pentax W90 sports a 12mp sensor while supporting 720p video recording with digital shake reduction as well as a 5x 28-140mm equivalent lens. All in all it has a nicer case that the old one, leaving you up for grab for any of Panasonic, Sony and Pentax rugged digital camera. Now, it’s all up to you.

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