Open Source Symbian^3 officially debuts at MWC

Open Source Symbian^3 officially debuts at MWC

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is an event where we utmost see new mobile technologies like new phones (where Samsung Wave stands out) and accordingly the software platforms it runs. We have already talked about the Windows Phone 7 series, and now another new OS officially announced at the event that we welcomes most –the open source Symbian S^3 smartphone operating system.

There are lot of interesting features pack the new operating systems, with lots of improvements and addition from the previous version. Amongst notable is the support for HDMI output. The S^3 also features 4G network support, one-click WLAN connectivity, various usability enhancements, and a new home screen with support for gestures and multiple pages of widgets. I think 2010 would really be a smartphones year.

In addition, the new Symbian S^3 OS sports an integrated radio music store, improved memory management with Writable Data Paging and 2D/3D graphics architecture supporting OpenGL ES.

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