Wii Classic Controller Pro coming to US on April

Wii Classic Controller Pro

It has been almost a year now since it was debuted in Japan, the Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro is now set to hit the North American shore this April. US gamers will now be comfortably replete their classic gaming urges with this controller for $19.99.

Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro will be available in black and white. It is well crafted with two hand grip and properly laid out two-row buttons, par or even more better than the original classic controller. In addition, the controller is compatible with 450 Wii, Virtual Console and WiiWare games and needed to be plugged into a Wiimote to work.

The Classic Controller Pro will be coming in US bundled with Monster Hunter Tri for $60, but you can buy it separately with controller at $20 and $50 for the game.

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