HP rolls out first USB 3.0 laptops

HP rolls out first USB 3.0 laptops

I know it’s a big deal if your USB transfer rate is as much as ten times faster than before. It’s USB 3.0 technology that makes that big difference interestingly Hewlett Packard is the first to cracked officially a mainstream consumer laptop to feature USB 3.0.

HP Envy 15 (Shanzai) that sport ATI 5830 graphics and a Quad-core i7 processor will come along with USB 3.0. You can order it directly on HP Direct. Accordingly HP’s business laptops Elitebook 8540p and 8540w also sports USB 3.0.

Even the USB 3.0 technology is backward compatible, I know you won’t enjoy or maximize its extra transfer rate speed if you paired it with your old USB devices. Just maybe buy a USB 3.0 external drive and laptop to feel its worth, anyways technology wise USB 3.0 is new now but in few months or later all will be in 3.0 facing-out the old ones.

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