Eco-friendly Recompute Cardboard Computer now in production

Eco-friendly Recompute Cardboard Computer now in production

I remember the iPhone 3G/3GS recession case when I first saw this eco-friendly computer by Recompute. There is a common thing in both product, mainly both are made of cardboard. Recompute’s sustainable computer has been in the making since last year apparently just we heard that the cardboard chassis PCs are now going into production.

The main idea is almost all of the PC parts will be made of cardboard aside from its electronics parts such as the motherboard, processor, RAM, storage and power supply. Now giving the fact that it will have a sure place when the computer has meet its turning point of breaking, the internal parts can be recycle or re-use and the cardboard chassis can be dump or recycle again.

There still no words on what the price will be or when this eco-PC will be release. But there is one thing I’m worried, don’t you think it will be fire hazard? Cardboard are prone to fire since any of the power supply or motherboard can emits burning heat when running, which I think Lenovo’s Thinkstation S20 and D20 are more practical knowing they are made from recycled plastic bottle.

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