Apple Tablet in two designs scheduled to begin shipping in March

Apple Tablet

The iSlate, iTablet or simply the Apple Tablet is already set to come true, seemingly speculations and vibrations are really hitting up on where or when Apple will announce their new product. Accordingly, Wall Street Journal says that it has found when the media tablet will be delivered to customers.

WSJ sources told that the touchscreen tablet media computer will begin shipping in March. In addition, another source says that the tablet will come in two design finishes. The two finishes may seem Apple still deciding on or could be a chargeable flavor that have different price.

However, even we have overflowing rumors for Apple Tablet; there are still no definite details yet. And what we only got is a late January announcement (January 27) of the most anticipated device from Apple that support touchscreen e-reader, wireless and video display for around $1000.

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