Amazon global wireless Kindle DX announced

Amazon global wireless Kindle DX

Last month, the Google-like tycoon Amazon announced that Kindle was the “most gifted item” during the Holiday Season and for the first time ever Kindle e-books tops sales over the physical book. In terms, that Apple Tablet isn’t yet around the competition, has just announced that it will be expanding its Kindle e-book reader family adding a “global wireless” Kindle DX.

The larger Kindle DX, which features a 9.7-inch electronic ink display, will allow wireless downloads of books in more than 100 countries. Besides from that, according to Amazon it will also features PDF Reader, auto-rotate capability and 3.3GB of storage capacity. The new e-reader will be also capable of downloading contents (400,000 titles) and periodicals via Amazon’s Whispernet.

Amazon is taking pre-orders for the $489 e-reader and plans to ship them to customers beginning January 19.

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