YouSayToo’s Awards may grant your Holiday Dream Gift

YouSayToo’s Awards may give your Holiday dream gift

I take every opportunity seriously, that’s my motto as an internet freelancer. As a normal employee I find the hard ways just to earn enough money to support my family likely that’s why I been to internet to learn, earn and develop some skills that I may have. So I come across this YouSayToo’s awards, as a subscriber with my technology blog this could give me a chance to bring home my DREAM GIFT.

FROM NOVEMBER 30, 2009 – JANUARY 31, 2010

YouSayToo is ringing in 2010 by hosting holiday awards for the 10 coolest blog authors. Nine lucky bloggers will receive fun gifts of their choice and the first place winner will be rewarded with a $1,000 holiday dream gift!

Unfortunately my phone got stolen last week; a pick-pocket got it when I was going on train ride to my apartment. With my savings allotted to buy a laptop for blogging the savings went for buying a phone first, because right now it’s a necessity for my work and personal communication. I really wanted a laptop, but realizing my family condition back in the province I have decided to put my remaining savings to start our house renovation.

Personally as a technology blogger I know some of the coolest stuff to have, that honestly I dreamed to have. And this could be the chance, but my wish now is to have that $1000 reward in its cash form. Practically as a breadwinner the $1000 is worth many things for my family. I can a lot this cash for our house to be renovated and prepare a simple midnight gathering for my family this coming Christmas.

For me the real spirit of Christmas is giving and sharing your blessings to others, that’s why if I would be winning this YouSayToo’s holiday awards rest assured that it would go far for my family. I really wanted to show you our current house situation just to prove how the $1000 can really help out. I can update this post to post some pictures when I got home from work.

Besides from the $1000 major price for these YouSayToo’s awards, they would be giving fun gifts you like the most for the following nine chosen bloggers. In those gifts, I really like the Laser Target Alarm Clock; I find it useful for everyday.

If you want to join this YouSayToo awards, holiday dream gift, you can follow this simple steps:

To take part in the awards all you need to do is add your blog to YouSayToo and write a Dream Gift post on it.

The post must include and be about:
1. YouSayToo’s awards
2. What your $1,000 holiday dream gift is and why you want it
3. Which of YouSayToo’s fun gifts you like the most
4. Why your blog should win.
5. The post must be tagged under “yousaytoo awards” and be at least 500 words.
This is very important!

You may also want to know some of YouSayToo’s contest rules and terms of use, just to assure your entry is valid.


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