Mozilla’s Mobile Firefox RC to hit early next week

Mozilla’s Mobile Firefox RC

We know how Firefox has slowly moving on the browser category taking out some mighty percentage out of the default-wise Internet Explorer. This time Mozilla is moving on a more competitive platform with Mobile Firefox –tamed to be first seen on Maemo 5 Nokia N900. As we have seen some screenshots shown of few months ago of its supposed alpha builds, now the wait is almost over as the Mobile Firefox RC will be released as early as next week.

The guys over MobileCrunch via CNET with some details with Mozilla’s VP of Mobile, Jay Sullivan tells some vital information about the new mobile browser.

    • Release candidate next week, final release within a few weeks
    • Adblock Plus and around 30 other extensions are already playing friendly with Mobile Firefox, though they need some tweaking for the smaller screen
    • Firefox won’t be the default browser on Maemo 5, though Nokia is considering the switch for Maemo 6 (which is coming in late 2010. We scooped the details and screenshots of Maemo 6 back in May.
    • While they need pretty beefy hardware to make Mobile Firefox tick, the N900 isn’t the bottom line. “Everything now on the mid- to high-end is fine.”
    • The Windows Mobile build is 3-4 months behind the Maemo build
    • They’re focusing on webapp features. In its current state, web apps in Mobile Firefox can pull data from the accelerometer and GPS, and store data in memory for offline use
    • In 2010, they plan to add multitouch support, haptic feedback, camera usage, WebGL, and improved Javascript support.

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