Samsung ST1000 Wi-Fi camera launched

Samsung ST1000 Wi-Fi camera

Samsung have unveiled their latest Wi-Fi camera called ST1000. I don’t know if you got the point of mounting such connectivity on a camera, but as the technology moves really fast there will be a time that we will find data, photos are directly streamed and stored. But honestly, I find ST1000 really useful, for online geek and socialites.

My point is when I’m covering a press release and you need to live feed photos to your laptop you don’t need to the hassle trick of old-fashioned USB or SD card reader. Getting my live photos almost seamlessly streamed for my readers.

If you find ST1000 fits for your needs, then maybe you’ll be more interested finding almost every way of connections in it. The new camera features haptic touchscreen, 5x optical zoom while boosting Wi-Fi, DLNA, Bluetooth, plus GPS and 720p video recording at 30fps. It is available now for $749.

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