Chinese don’t like an original iPhone, how about a fake one?

Chinese iPhone

China Unicom has only signed 5,000 iPhone users since it was officially launched late last week. I don’t know if you have been surprised by the outcome, but I think we have already assumed this upset. There are few reasons on apparent poor performance of the Chinese iPhone, mainly is the tough competition over the grey marketed iPhone and its crippled version.

Despite iPhone’s poor performance, China Unicom Chairman Chang Xiobing remains confident that it will regain its market stand with its 3G network roll out that has already signed up 1 million customers. “We are satisfied with iPhone sales so far, and we aim to have an additional 1 million new 3G subscribers each month in the near future,” he said.

I’ve seen lots of fake phones coming from China, almost all brands. Now do you think would anyone dare to grab the much expensive and crippled Chinese version iPhone? Plus the fact that there are lots of imported unlocked fully-functional iPhone available there, that I know much Chinese would be interested in.

I don’t know what you are thinking, but I want to here something from you.

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