Palm Pre hits O2 UK up for sale

Palm Pre hits O2 UK up for sale

Did we hear Palm Pre, does anyone excited? I thought we’ve lost its presence as Apple iPhone remains unbeaten, but I can predict that you better watch out for Androids it’s slowly taking a decent market status as of now. Anyways, back to the topic Palm Pre is now up for grab on O2 UK if you’re the one anxiously awaiting some webOS goodness.

Now if you’re looking for a great saving you may take Pre for free with monthly ~$71 carrier contract or another plan for ~$157 upfront for a cheaper monthly cost.

If you have already made up your mind to what contract to grab, you can now move on O2 UK’s page or on its nearest retail store on your area. Be warned that if you’re not from UK you will not be able to access the O2 UK’s website; maybe they don’t want a visit from other country that will consume their bandwidth, well who cares.

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