How to upgrade from XP to Windows 7

 XP to Windows 7

On October 22nd Windows 7 will be officially out, and I know many of us didn’t do the upgrade to Vista skipping the Microsoft upgrade path. The Vista controversy of a great looking user interface but sadly it didn’t beat XP on performance. To keep up with the new version which is Windows 7 what we can only do is reformat to install a fresh version of 7 from our old XP machines. There are couple of ways on how to install Win7 on your XP machine, just hit on the continue link.

Luckily the guys at CNET provided a video and a complete run down of ways to upgrade from XP to 7. Giving out some ideas of how you can live with still having some of your old installed program and files out of danger through the upgrade. If you’re not running Snow Leopard I’m sure you’ll be hitting their page on how to do the upgrade.

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