Acer 3D CineReal Technology boost world’s first laptop with built-in 3D support

Acer 3D CineReal Technology

Acer has just unveiled a new laptop to feature built in 3D capabilities tagged to be the world’s first on its kind. We heard before the Sony has been on the push of bringing the 3D movies in home through their Bravias, it looks like the things looks the same as these new Acer 3D CineReal Technology will have you wear same polarized glasses to feel the crisps of 3D effects.

According to Acer, you will be able to view 2D movies and photos as 3D contents. Seemingly gamers will be also much excited in this as it would support games in Direct X 9 and up version compatibility.

Acer’s 3D effects are from its software technology, special glass coating and the polarized glass.

  • TriDef Media Player plays back your favourite videos and pictures in 3D
  • TriDef Ignition is a tool that enables 2D to 3D conversion for games and applications supporting DirectX 9 and above.

The display has been coated with a special 3D film that clings to the panel pixel by pixel, enabling the LCD technology to deliver a 3D visual feast. Slip on the cool polarized eyeglasses that filter the images and you’re ready to dive into an extraordinary 3D adventure.

…you can enjoy stunning 3D multimedia with no need for a special graphics card. A simple and intuitive interface gives you access to the world of 3D multimedia: videos, DVDs, photos and games. The software includes a set of tools designed to offer a completely seamless 3D viewing experience…

Still, Acer has been on the road of some outstanding technologies not only in their computers, but what I believe I would love to see is the 3D technology without wearing any glasses. Don’t you, what do you think?

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