250GB Sony PS3 Slim now available for pre-order

Matching up the 250GB Xbox 360, we know Sony will counter with a 250GB Sony PS3 Slim offering that will obviously a tight competition inline with the Holiday season. Preferably you should only get the console and not as bundle just like Sony’s offering in Europe.

If you’re one of those who want to take the first hand on 250GB PS3 Slim, you can pre-order it on Amazon now at selling price of $349.99 with shipping start by November 3rd. Accordingly, a $50 premium on the 250GB seems totally fair enough compared to its 120GB Slim version.

It seems all game console manufacturers is up for the Christmas rush shopping with their price and new models, what we’ll be waiting is who will be making big on chart of sales. One thing, before I forgot PSP Go is a bit overpriced, common Sony why not PSP Go’s price cut your Santa-like present to us.

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