Zune HD versus iPod Touch 3G in spec-to-spec comparison

Zune HD versus iPod Touch 3G

If your wondering what the big difference the two most exciting MP3 player technically, then interestingly you head on this page. I know the web has boatload of reviews and comparisons for both new Zune HD and iPod Touch 3G, but Cnet put them on a straight forward spec-to-spec battle. Hit on the continue link to see the details.

Here is Cnet technical comparison.

Zune HD versus iPod Touch 3G specification

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Credit Cnet

Technically the Zune HD and iPod touch 3G is almost dead-even, what made this chart interesting is how consumers will be considering this slated functionality based on their personal preferences and usage. Plus the fact, that it seems it will be all heading to a tight price battle. Let’s just see how the prices for both devices get sweeter as holiday shopping arrives.

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