Windows 7 made affordable for students for just $30

Windows 7

Since the Snow Leopard has been released Windows 7 is now the most anticipated operating system to hit the software market soon. Knowing the Premium Home Edition of this software will have you, $120 slashed out of your wallet. However, back to school students will gladly appreciates this treat from Microsoft as it welcomes the school year with Windows 7’s $30 student pricing.

Knowing Windows 7 improvements over Vista, getting a fresh copy of this OS for $30 is really a great deal. It can even lessen the expenses over school fees. In order to qualify, you have to be a registered student of an American university on or before Windows 7 launch, simple and easy right?

Do you think this deal is worth considering? I heard Apple’s Leopard has been really charting impressive sales number, now common what is your choice?

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