Sony VAIO X luxury ultraportable netbook announced

Sony VAIO X luxury ultraportable netbook

Sony VAIO X is hyped as the ultimate successor of X505, with its ultra-light and durable carbon fiber chassis and aluminum keyboard. This 11.1-inch mini-notebook measuring just a half-inch thick is sure to set envy-eyes on any Wi-Fied coffee shop.

VAIO X details is still not available yet, but right now it’s running 31Wh energy efficient Intel Atom and the company claims a whole day round usage, the device could be inspired by the best netbook in the market Asus Eee PC 1005HA 10.5hrs.

The sleek design is skinned by either matte or glossy finishes with eye-friendly matte display. Although VAIO X is compact it has tightly packed two USB ports, an Ethernet port, SD/Memory Stick slot, and a VGA output.

We know how netbook become a ‘hit’ on the market, it’s because of the device’s portability and affordability. You see the “luxury” term on the title? The VAIO X is said to have a ‘make-believe’ truly stunning under $2000 price tag. The fact is, it’s again overpriced for just running on an Intel Atom processor.

If you feel like a millionaire and have lots of money to burn why not crave till its made official with upcoming October launch.

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