Sony confirmed 3D compatible BRAVIA LCD TVs, PS3, Blu-ray Disc and VAIO by 2010

Sony 3D in 2010

Sony has just confirmed the yesterday’s rumored “3D to the home in 2010’. Leading this new technology, the company claims compatible support for its leading consumer devices like BRAVIA LCD TVs, PS3, Blu-ray Disc and VAIO.

Sony’s 3D compatible “BRAVIA” LCD TVs incorporate frame sequential display and active-shutter glass systems*1, together with Sony’s proprietary high frame rate technology to enable the reproduction of full High Definition*2 high-quality 3D images, and will form the centerpiece of Sony’s 3D entertainment experience for the home.

This can be another Sony aimed market on emerging digital 3D movies. But I’m just worried about this mechanism “A method of 3D display whereby the television set alternates the image for the left and right eye, and glasses open and shut in sync with the image on the screen.” The active-shutter glass systems should be tested thoroughly to assure user’s health avoiding any vision deficiency.

If you find yourself next year playing your PS3, with your eyes tacked and amazed in your widescreen Bravia 3D effects, better leave some comments below before your dream is over.

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