Samsung Omnia II available pre-order on Amazon now is highly overpriced

Samsung Omnia II on

Few times we already seen headline news, rumors and leaks shows off with a common basis Amazon, apparently this mammoth online store have become a stronghold of information either locally or globally. Which regard to Samsung Omnia II on Amazon is another way around; you could wish that you haven’t navigated on its listing page just to find an “overpriced” handset.

Its overwhelmingly unlocked, 5MP camera, 8GB on board storage, WiFi, GPS, Windows Mobile currently 6.1 that can be upgraded to 6.5 that is set for October 6th release, and a 3.7″ resistive, AMOLED display that runs TouchWiz 2.0. That’s all; did anyone think this is reasonable for a grand? The hells no, remember N97 or the current Nokia Ice Breaker N900 that is only set for $700.

This phone is coming to Verizon, this time I know we should be counting for subsidy. If anyone have lot of bucks to grab this phone well go on, but don’t ask me anymore –I’m not excited either.

This was just a perfect example of technology gets expensive, beyond the usual. There’s nothing we can do but –understand.

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