Nintendo Wii $50 Price Cut by September 27

Nintendo Wii Price Cut

Not so long ago, we bring you the idea that Nintendo should have $50 Wii price cut, and not be contended on its good sales performance on the market. Microsoft and Sony both have lifted their axe to cut off prices of their respective consoles and from then Sony’s PS3 rocketed over 1000-percent sales on slim release.

A $50 price drop seems to be reasonable at all. This was just the rumor entailed when a tipster sent Kotaku a blurry photo of a Toy R Us circular, indicating a $50 price drop on Wii. This advertisement photo is dated for the last week of September, and then we can move on waiting for September 27th $200 priced Wii to be available.

Besides Wii’s incredible roster of add-ons, at $200 it will again retain as one of the cheapest console on the market today, joining the Xbox 360 Arcade as the least expensive game console.

Nintendo should realized now that consumers are looking for value over price, we know how sophisticated Xbox and PS3, and at $50 gap we’re likely choose between the two consoles with high-end HD graphics, huge internal storage, and video marketplaces.

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