MSI X410 X-Slim notebooks unveiled

MSI X410 X-Slim notebooks unveiled

MSI has been on waves of new offerings over the last few days and now a new addition on its X-Slim series is announced by the company called MSI X410 X-Slim. Hyped with the AMD ultra-thin platform, this 14-incher is set to packed good performance and efficient battery consumption.

MSI X410 X-Slim feature multimedia supports 1080i high-resolution video, LED backlit display supported by ATI Radeon x1250 graphics card running AMD Athlon Neo with 2GB of RAM. This sleek machine is just 1.5kg and 1-inch thick knowing that it is riding on the slim series of notebooks.

This X-Slim edition is also granted with the AMD PowerNow! giving the X410 twice battery life than a normal 14-incher. In addition, the notebook needs only 15W of power to operate making it 40% more power efficient than previous series.

There still no words on its pricing and availability, but it worth a wait since MSI X600 X-Slim stole my heart already.

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