MSI X400 and X610 X-Slim Notebooks announced

MSI X400 and X610 X-Slim Notebooks announced

MSI has just announced two new editions of its X-Slim series notebooks –the Intel CULV-based X400 and AMD Neo-based X610. However, if you missed out the recently unveiled 14-incher MSI X410 X-Slim notebook boost with AMD PowerNow! increasing energy efficiency, it turns out that it’s like X400 but different processor configurations.

The 14-incher X400 will come in two variations of Intel’s CULV processors. The entry version will pack Intel’s SU2700 CPU, 2GB of memory and with 320GB of storage. The other much powerful version will include Intel’s SU3500 processor together with a 500GB of storage capacity. Both will have a 4-cell battery with optional 8-cell available.

If you’re like me whose heart was already stolen by X600, probably you won’t regret grabbing the new AMD Neo-based 15.6-inch X610. The X610 features 15.6-inch screen display, running Athlon Neo MV-40 at 1.6GHz, with 512MB Radeon HD4330 graphics solution adding the crisps on your viewing experience, 2GB up to 4GB of memory and selection of 320GB, 500GB and 640GB hard drives.

The two Intel-flavored X400 will cost you £499 and £569 respectively, while there are still no words on the pricing and availability of the X610.

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