Microsoft Zune HD officially launched, shredded and reviewed

Microsoft Zune HD

Microsoft has officially launched the next-generation multi-touchscreen media player –the Zune HD. What makes Zune a hit (what I mean getting hog of attention) is its direct assault on Apple’s iPod touch, seemingly consumers can’t live without comparing these two devices. Hit the continue link for more details on how Zune HD gets reviewed and shredded.

Originally announced in May, Zune HD has been long rumored as the Zune Phone targeted to duel with iPhone. But it turns out to a confirmation of a multi-touch OLED Zune HD hyped with NVIDIA Tegra HD processor and HD Radio capabilities with Quickplay menu. Its also has a full web browser and sophisticated music/video playback features.

Microsoft also announced the addition of games and other application to the Zune Marketplace for Zune HD. No doubt, the “Apple way” likes the Twitter for Zune and Facebook for Zune apps plus the roster of 3D games.

If you’re looking for a healthy review Wired offers a first look at the device, suggesting Zune HD’s powerhouse hardware is a worthy competitor for iPod touch, but badly needs Mac support and plentiful of apps, videos on its Marketplace.

Good enough, I mean fortunate besides the review; Rapid Repair spends some times to dissect this new device parts by parts into pieces. Luckily the torn-down is quite well compared to iPod touch 3G. You can visit this link to view the step-by-step guide to shred your Zune HD if you have?

Zune HD is available in 16GB black model at $219.99 and 32GB model at $289.99 in platinum. The iPod touch 32GB 3rd Generation sells for only $279.99 on Now what we can expect is a price war as we head on the Holiday Seasons, better be wise enough to have the better deal.

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