iPod touch 3G teardown reveals space for camera, WiFi ‘n’ and FM chip

iPod Touch 3G teardown

Apple Event last week unfold iTunes 9, iPod Nano 5G and intriguing third-gen iPod touch. Accordingly the intrigue for iPod touch goes on as iFixit stripped down the new iPod parts by parts revealing a space where a nano-style video camera would fit perfectly plus a chip to support faster networking and FM transmission.

Over the past few weeks before the event, rumors circulate that Apple were planning cameras for both iPod nano and touch, even includes the classic. Apparently only the 5G nano in the end holds the video camera and not the touch as we wanted. Then, iFixit found a 6 x 6 x 3 mm space in the upper middle of the touch’s board where a nano-style camera fits perfectly, but insufficiently enough to fit an iPhone 3GS-style autofocus CMOS camera.

iPod Touch 3G teardown
iPod touch 3G is equipped with Broadcom’s BCM4329 chip which supports WiFi b/g and also draft-n wireless capabilities which has no firmware support yet. It appears to be an upcoming feature on the next update of touch.

The chip also supports FM transmission together with its FM receiver and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. Apple could feasibly implement it for the next 4G touch upgrade if they want, add software support and built an antenna.

Conclusion, possible Apple could pack these findings on the next 4G iPod touches. But for now, we can’t consider it as a surprise anymore; Apple should find new impressive features to keep its users from wanting Zune as an alternative.

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