Intel Core i7 800-series and Core i5 desktop CPUs unveiled

Intel Core i7 800-series and Core i5 desktop CPUs

Intel made an impressive edge over its key competition on the market when it debuts its Core i7 900-series desktop CPUs. And this time, the company likely wants to move the domination further with its introduction of much affordable Core i7 800-series and even cheaper Core i5 CPUs.

Remember that Intel is up for consolidating and clearing up the confusions behind the processor’s naming and cores with its branding restructure by moving it to a single naming umbrella Intel® Core™ Processor family. Therefore, the naming goes on like inline with the Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3.

The three new chips under the 800-series is just like a down-graded counterpart of the previous high-end 900-series.The new Core i7’s include the 2.93GHz Core i7 870 at $562, the $284 Core i7 860 at 2.8GHz, as well as the 2.6GHz Core i5 750 chip at $196. However, the Core-i5 is somehow same with these versions, although the Hyperthreading capability is stripped out.

CNET has put Core i7 860 over-clocked from 2.8GHz to 3.39GHz against Core i7 920-based PCs that cost about $500 more, on a comparison and benchmarking test of Falcon Northwest Talon gaming PC. Then the result tells that the much cheaper Core i7 860 is closely matched with Core i7 920, leaving only a small difference in performance.

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