Dell Latitude Z 600 unveiled with wireless charging and dock

Dell Latitude Z 600

Dell has introduced a new flagship notebook besides the Adamo –the Dell Latitude Z 600. The full-feature packed machine comes with 16-inch of matte finish design, 1,600 x 900 display, backlit keyboard, running Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4GHz SU9400 or 1.6GHz SU9600 processors, up to 4GB of RAM with up to dual SSD drives for storage and optional wireless technologies.

What make the Dell Latitude Z stands above all are its new features that hypes 2-megapixel camera’s flexible functionality of facial recognition user log-in, business card scanning which automatically put details on the Outlook and creates PDFs through the captured image of the documents. It also has the Dell’s “EdgeTouch” a capacitive touch strip mounted on the keyboard side that calls up a menu of shortcuts. The machine also comes with optional charging stand and UWB-based wireless dock with USB, DVI and other connections all around $200 each for the stand and the notebooks’ wireless module.

Another notable feature is the “Latitude ON” which boosts a stand-alone ARM-based Linux system separated from the main system which grants a very quick start-access to contacts, browser and Exchange emails.

In addition, a WiFi, Bluetooth and integrated 3G capabilities rounds up the rich technologies only fitted in a 4.5lbs machine. It also has a 4-cell which stands for 4 hours or 8-cell which doubles up with 8 hours battery life.

Dell Latitude Z price are in sync with Adamo, which starts at $1,999 and its now available today in US, Canada, select European and Asian countries, apparently the optional wireless dock and module will be out until late next month.

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