Cheapest Windows 7 price deal from Newegg

Cheapest Windows 7 price deal from Newegg

Newegg has revealed prices for copies of Windows 7 OEMs, and I know you won’t regret grabbing them as long as you know some minor limitations along with it. Considering the bunch of bucks you can save with the offerings.

Looking at the Newegg chart of prices seems not to reflect major Win 7 price change but with further $US5-$15 off some prices for a pre-order before its October 20 launch date.

Be warned of OEM limitations of non-transferable product key from one PC installation to another, plus the fact that installation can only be done mostly on formatted machine. If you’re one of those techie people on board, I guess the support won’t be an issue because you’ll be getting disc-only package.

Still if you put things up it will only take you to a bargain-like deal to grab definitely.

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