Asus prepping foldable, full-color, low-cost and versatile Eee-Reader

Asus Eee Reader

Asus as the world’s leading innovator of low-cost and ultra-portable Eee-PCs now comes with another breaking technology with its own version of ebook reader –the Eee-Reader. This time it will set another milestone like what it did to laptops, by inventing netbooks, now watch out Sony and Amazon for Asus another low-cost and versatile innovation.

According to U.K. Asus spokesman via TimesOnline, told that the company is aiming on premium and budget versions of the reader. The premium version will not be just like a Kindle DX with its single flat screen, but it will have a hinged spine like what is on normal printed book. The idea goes like “This, in theory, enables its owner to read an ebook much like a normal book, using the touchscreen to “turn” the pages from one screen to the next. It also gives the user the option of seeing the text on one screen while browsing a web page on the other. One of the screens could also act as a virtual keypad for the device to be used like a laptop.”

Like the Fujitsu Flepia, the Eee-reders will come on full color unlike currently common monochrome readers. Besides, Asus design seems to be a tablet, MID, laptop and even netbook in-one. Features like virtual keypad, speakers, a webcam and a mic for Skype will boost its marketability for the specified in the all-in-one market-lines.

With expectation to meet this well-crafted device by end of this year, vital information like the availability and prices is still unknown yet. But CNET goes on speculating with $163 price tag, based on comparison from Sony’s Reader and Amazon’s Kindle DX that runs up to $200 to $300.

You might be also thinking about Apple iTablet as one of the great competion ahead, let just see as the digital competition goes on.

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